June 22, 2010

Open Source VoIP Pros & Cons

Posted By AVAD Business VoIP Editor

Open Source solutions are very prevalent in the VoIP industry, particularly surrounding the open-source telephony engine Asterisk.
Open source telephony applications have opened many opportunities in the VoIP industry and many companies such as trixbox, elastix, freepbx, pbxinaflash, and rhino, which are just a few, have taken the asterisk source code (licensed under the GNU GPL) and rounded it to their own business applications.
Since the topic is “open-source”, the source code of Asterisk is distributed freely among companies, users, administrators, developers, and integrators alike and together have produced the world’s most powerful telephony engine and what that means to you, the VoIP customer is, a freely distributed source code or compiled ISO of a feature rich IP Phone system better termed as the IP PBX.
The following article lists the pros and cons of Choosing an Open Source VoIP Solution.

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