February 19, 2010

VoIP & Disaster Recovery

Business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities are a key benefit of AVAD Technologies Hosted VoIP PBX telephony solution. Unlike traditional telecommunications systems and premise VoIP solutions, a hosted PBX solution from AVAD Technologies ensures that your phone service is always available, even if your physical office location has been rendered inoperable.

What happens if I loose power or my office become inoperable.

Because AVAD is a Hosted VoIP system, callers to your business will still be able to reach any employee and leave a message. Your employees will also be able to retrieve their messages. Your primary phone numbers, including toll free numbers can be re-routed to an alternate location in a matter of minutes. AVAD Technologies Hosted IP PBX can be pre-programmed to forward calls if the primary users phone becomes inoperable for any reason. This means that in the event that your office location becomes disabled, no human intervention is required. In addition, all PBX services (Auto-Attendants, Hunt Groups and voice mail accounts) will continue to function.

Easily Set Up a New Location

If you are able to retrieve your IP phone sets, they can be plugged into any high speed internet connect and function as if they were in their original location. Your employees can even take their phones to their home offices, provided they have a high speed internet connection, and operate as if they were in their offices. Callers to your company will not be aware that your primary office location is no longer operational.

If you are unable to retrieve your IP Phones, AVAD can ship replacement phones to any location in as little as 48-hours. When the replacement phones arrive, simply connect them to any high speed internet connection and they will operate as if they were in your original office location.

To learn more about AVAD Technologies Hosted VoIP system please call (800) 733-4136, or visit us on the web at VoIP.AvadTechnologies.com

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