February 19, 2010

Easy Installation of AVAD's Business VoIP PBX

Simplified Business VoIP Installation

The installation of AVAD’s Business VoIP PBX is significantly easier and less expensive than installing a traditional PBX phone system. This is because other than the individual phone sets; there is no other telecommunications hardware to purchase or install.

When the phones arrive, simply unpack, place phones at each work station and connect to your network using the supplied Ethernet cable. The IP Phones arrive at your location fully operational. Setting up remote locations is no different than setting up your main office. Once a remote office location phone is connected it is fully functional and automatically part of your business phone system.

Use existing in-place network wiring

You don't need to rewire your office.  There are no additional network wires to run as you can use your existing network cabling. The AVAD VoIP system does not require the purchase of additional hardware with the exception of VoIP phones and Router. Simply connect an existing Ethernet cable (from your network) into the back of the phone and connect another Ethernet cable (from a jack located on the back of the phone) to your workstation, plug in the power supply and your phone is ready to go.

Installation of AVAD’s Business VoIP PBX can take as little as 2 weeks.

Retain existing phone numbers Retain your existing telephone numbers or get new local numbers, the choice is yours. Your company can also keep its existing extension number scheme of adopt an entirely new one. You can have a up to 7 digits in your extension number scheme. Many customers use this opportunity to reorganize their extension number system.

Manage your entire Business VoIP Phone System from any location

AVAD’s IP PBX makes it easy to centrally manage your entire phone system for all your office locations. In most cases, you can make the changes yourself via AVAD Business VoIP Web Portal we can add any Business PBX feature to your phone system the very next day. Adding/moving or changing the phone's user is a simple process that you can do, or call our support line and one of our technicians will do it for you at no charge.

Learn about Porting Your Phone Numbers.

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