October 7, 2010

Hosted VoIP allows businesses to focus on “Core” business not “Chore” business

Quite simply, AVAD Technologies Hosted VoIP phone service is a better, smarter way for small and medium sized companies to run their businesses, improve customer service, and level the playing field against larger companies that can afford expensive PBX phone systems.
Today's small businesses need to focus on their Core Business - not their Chore Business.
Businesses can't afford to spend time managing their communications - managing communications is not their competitive advantage - they should outsource this function to a company like AVAD Technologies that specializes in Business VoIP.
Businesses need to make sure they never miss an incoming call - a missed call is potentially missed revenue. Providing excellent customer service is a must in today's competitive business environment.
Should I buy or should I lease a VoIP system.
If you can't predict the future, why would you want to buy a system? If you don’t know how big or small your business will be in 12 or 24 or 36 months and if you are unsure as to how changes in your industry will affect they way you do business. Why would you purchase any system that could possibly limit your ability to adapt.
You Phone System Must Be Totally Reliable
Even if there's a natural disaster like a tornado or power outage you must be able to recreate your system in a very short period of time. A Hosted VoIP phone system, because it is Hosted in the Cloud, will actually not go down, even if your physical office has been destroyed. Your users will have access to the phone system as soon as they can get to an internet connection, even if that connection is in their homes. 
AVAD Technologies Hosted VoIP phone service is what today's midmarket customers need.
  1. Better Customer Service: Customer Calls get routed quickly and efficiently to any employee, anywhere via Intelligent "Front Office" capabilities.
  2. Agile Productivity: Employees are productive on their desk phone or mobile phone - and can bring their productivity with them anywhere.
  3. A Better Experience: HD voice and video are game changers. Integrates into Outlook and Browsers - the tools you already use.
  4. More Reliable: Your business never goes down, and is always current and updated.
  5. Better Economics: Hosted VoIP allows you to pay only for what you need and use. Grow and Shrink as you need. And no CapEx.
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