April 1, 2010

Business VoIP & Hosted IP Today

Know Your Business VoIP Provider

I read a lot of telecommunications blogs and the following post by Michael Lemm of the Broadband Nation blog makes and interesting point that is worth revisiting.

By Broadband Nation

Enterprise VoIP has begun to make great progress over the last several years. To achieve this in difficult economic times proves the genuine commitment to VoIP. Still the larger organizations are deploying VoIP in migratory phases while continuing to maintain the TDM network until timing and budget is right for further conversion to VoIP. A remote office, new location or renovated department will be converted to VoIP but existing departments and locations can remain TDM for some time moving forward. VoIP at the Enterprise level has been heavily promoted since 2000 yet it is still in its beginnings ten years later.

For the smaller client Hosted IP solutions provide a compelling product with many features offered at a low entry-level price point. These customers must remember when committing to a hosted solution that you are only as good as the Service Providers network and when systems are down you at the mercy of their staffs ability to remedy the situation. Some Hosted Solution providers are more heavily leveraged than others. This can result in greater susceptibility to future staff reductions, network failures and eventual deterioration in customer service. Always remember when committing to a Hosted Solution that the providers network reliability and customer service is your lifeline to an up and running VoIP Solution.

The above is not meant to go into in depth excruciating detail of the state of VoIP and hosted IP. If you do need assistance finding the right business VoIP or hosted IP solution for your business today.

This is my response to this blog post

It was not that long ago that a fairly decent size company suddenly went out of business and left thousands of businesses and individuals without phone service. It can and will happen again. As we have seen, there is no company that is too big to fail.

There is no single company in the VoIP space that is not susceptible to failure or downsizing and a corresponding decline in customer service.

This is just the reality of the times we live.

I would judge companies by the quality of their website, customer referrals and the general chatter on the internet about the company.

In the hosted VoIP market, bigger is not necessarily better. Company's need quality support from their provider and their is only one true way to find that out.
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