March 2, 2010

VoIP Can Increase the Productivity of Your Business

Prior to the introduction of Voice over IP, businesses had few choices and were paying too much for traditional business phone services. In addition, many businesses are not convinced a Business VoIP Phone system is reliable. VoIP technology has matured to the point that allows us to deliver a comprehensive package of PBX features at a price even small businesses can afford.
Studies have shown that many business owners are not aware of the capabilities of a Business VoIP system. The study also revealed that many small and medium sized companies believed a VoIP telecommunications system would cost too much to purchase and manage.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Business VoIP Phone systems offer a feature rich package of PBX functions without the need to purchase telecommunications hardware.  A Business VoIP Phone System allows businesses to choose and pay for only those PBX services they actually need.  Upgrading a Hosted VoIP Phone system is a simple process from a technical perspective and generally does not require additional telecommunications hardware.
Creating a multi-location system is no different then adding a phone in your current office location.  Hosted VoIP Phone systems simplify adding additional geographic locations, including home based employees.  New office locations can be added in any location that has a high speed internet connection.

By AVAD Hosted VoIP PBX Business Editor

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