January 8, 2010

AVAD Technologies Hosted VoIP Virtual PBX

Virtual Office Hosted VoIP PBX Phone Service

AVAD Technologies Hosted VoIP PBX is an affordable, easy-to-use replacement for traditional PBX phone systems. AVAD Technologies Small Business Hosted VoIP PBX allows small businesses to have a single phone system that can seamlessly integrate all of a company's employees/offices, including home based employees, into a single VoIP PBX phone system.
AVAD Technologies Small Business Hosted VoIP PBX
Service includes an advanced set of customizable Hosted VoIP PBX features including a highly customizable auto-attendant that can direct callers to any user in your organization regardless of that user's physical location, worldwide 3, 4, 5 digit extension dialing, business class voice mail, voice mail to e-mail and call queuing.
Enterprise Grade Hosted VoIP Calling Features
Offering a combination of unlimited US & Canada calling plus an advanced set of Business VoIP Calling Features, the AVAD Technologies Virtual Office solution enables small and medium sized enterprises to secure distributed corporate class telecommunications capabilities for a fraction of the cost of wire line business services.
Unlike comparably priced single line VoIP Providers which offer features more suited to residential users, AVAD Technologies Virtual Office Hosted VoIP PBX provides companies with complete business PBX phone system functionality along with the flexibility to have extensions in any geographic location that has high-speed Internet access.
AVAD Technologies Virtual Office Hosted PBX reduces an organization’s total cost of ownership (TCO) for telecommunications services because of the minimal initial investment, no charge for moves, adds & changes combined with a fixed cost for unlimited US & Canada calling for a flat monthly fee.

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