October 31, 2008

What Motivates Businesses to Move to VoIP?

Most businesses move to Voice over IP (VoIP) on the belief the technology will save money over their current phone system. Research has shown that most small business (those with less than 50 employees) generally will not save much, if anything, by moving to Voice over IP.

If the benefit of moving to a VoIP phone system was limited to just the cost savings, we would not expect to see so many companies adopting VoIP technology. Dan Roberts, Sr Vice President at AVAD Technologies says the real benefit companies gain from adopting VoIP technology comes from the increase in productivity and customer service.

It is only after converting to a VoIP phone system and using the system for a while that companies begin to understand the potential offered by their new system. When managers see the flexibility, ease of administration and ability to easily incorporate phone system changes quickly and inexpensively, do they begin to fully appreciate the capabilities of a VoIP system.

The VoIP Service Provider is instrumental in helping their customers achieve these productivity benefits. This is very different that what companies have come to expect from traditional telephone companies.

It is the VoIP Service Provider that has the most knowledge about their VoIP service. In order for the customer to benefit from all of the features, the sales person at the Service Provider must be knowledgeable and willing to take the time to listen to and understand the customer's specific requirements and work with the customer to incorporate those requirement into the VoIP system.

It is very rare that you find all of these elements in any single Service Provider Roberts said. AVAD Technologies specializes in providing a customized VoIP solution. We don't just set our customers up and disappear. We provide up front consultation and ongoing support to all of our clients. AVAD does not charge for the ongoing customization and support.

Dan Roberts is a Senior Vice President with AVAD Technologies. AVAD Technologies specializes in Business Class VoIP. Visit AVAD Technologies on the web at www.AvadTechnologies.com.
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