January 7, 2010

Hosted VoIP ROI Calculation

Before you can calculate the Return on investment (ROI) on a Hosted VoIP phone system, you must first identify and quantify all of the costs and benefits. Some of the cost and benefits are easy to quantify such as the decrease in your expected monthly phone bill or the decrease in telecom equipment costs. Other savings/benefits are much more difficult to quantify and may involve a judgment call.

For example, the increase in customer satisfaction achieved by having a telephone system that allows you to route incoming customer calls to the exact location in your organization without requiring human intervention or the benefit of being able to seamlessly integrate home based workers into your telecommunications system are examples of benefits of a Hosted VoIP system that require a judgment call when determining value.

VoIP-News has a "Checklist: Adding Up the Return on IP Telephony Investment" that explains the Costs & Benefits of and investment in IP Telephony.
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